Posted by: 12stepgolf | December 5, 2009

The not so New Century: Time to Get Back to Sanity


The counter-culture of the 60s has now become our culture, the irony of it all is those of the 60s are now the senior citizens who will be subjected to their own protestations of that era.  It is those who rebelled and thought sex, drugs and rock and roll were all that mattered.  Those who have children and grandchildren in rehab centers and don’t know what happened.  Those who have failed in civics and left due diligence to others.

The cries of the 60s:

How can people be so heartless, and especially people who care about strangers, who say they care about social injustice, do you only, care about the bleeding crowd, how can people be so cruel, easy to be hard, easy to be cold?

The lefties of the Sixties are now experiencing the Blow Back of their actions, and inactions for not Standing up for the Principles this Country was Founded upon.

It is the inattentiveness of those in my generation that has allowed this consistent manipulation of the Constitution and will suffer from the “remaking of America”.

Could anyone have ever believed that those of us who believe in the Constitution would become the new counter-culture of the 21st century?  We suffer the slanderous remarks by the likes of Nancy Pelosi.  Those of us who tried to warn everyone over the past forty years were deemed alarmists.  Were we not prophetic?

The greatest thing is that all we have to do is stand up and be counted, there are more of us than there are of them. Those who are waiting and not willing to be heard, but are with us in heart and spirit must be emboldened to join our voices. They should not be afraid, there is safety in numbers. We shall prevail.

I believe even in Europe, there are more of us than there are of them, to appease them has been nothing less than evil.

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