Posted by: 12stepgolf | January 26, 2010

How can we fool them today?

It isn’t about putting lipstick on a pig.  It is that you cannot make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.

We all are very aware of the wonderful event in Massachusetts on Tuesday, January 19th.  The Liberals are in shock and their grief can be felt throughout the nation.  “How could he have done this?”, they ask themselves.

The Progressive Liberals have believed their brain washing was working and they could do anything they wanted to do, they hold (held) the power and the purse strings.  They believed they were given a mandate to continue with their insane ideas for wealth deprivation (redistribution).  “WE ARE SAINTS AND SOON THE WORLD WILL SEE THAT,” of course they didn’t care how many dead bodies they left in their wake.

The tide has turned and now they must scramble to have the voters, the actual stakeholders believe they aren’t who they have been for the past 30 years.  Having disparaged and demeaned and degraded those who participated in the resistance of their lame brain ideology, they want everyone to believe they heard the message of Tuesday’s upheaval to their dirty little plans.

The President has flew into Ohio to let them know how he “feels their pain” of unemployment, and he has heard their cries for “change”.  What a crock this is.  He just told us the other night in his interview on ABC it is us who can’t hear what he was trying to tell us.  He wants to tell us what our values are and what the administration is doing to live up to those values.  It was John Kerry’s trying to intimidate Scott that was blatant and despicable.  Kerry’s statements about Brown caring about “reform” and helping the American citizens, I know he does, but does he really care as much as we do and how will he prove that he does?-that was the implication of Kerry’s little speech.  So now the President is going to go out into the hinterland and try to intimidate the voters.  He reads a teleprompter about American values, but doesn’t understand them nor does he have a clue to what constitutes American values, he believes he is even above those values.  American values aren’t quite on his level.

We are a compassionate country, just take a peek at what we are doing in Haiti.  We do want reform, we just don’t want reform that fundamentally transforms this wonderful country.  The reform we want is to have government get out of our faces and our wallets and our lives.  This garbage they tell us about, “for the greater good” is neither true nor sane nor is it great or even good.  One person’s poison is another person’s medicine, perhaps they can’t grasp that concept.  It must be their ideal of what is the greatest good and we had better conform to it.

No matter how they come at us and try to shame us, as they so ineptly try to do (we are older and wiser) they will be unable to convince us that they have truly changed.  They are incapable of changing their fundamental belief system.  They want to rewrite the basic “Bill of Rights” to conform to their ideals.  They will manipulate and distort and use every rhetorical argument they can muster up to convince us we are wrong and their ideals are grander.  They redefine words to fit their agendas, what ever they choose to be important to them will undergo the “you are bad, we are good” microscope and the shame machine will be in full force.  “Shame on you” is the tool they use to try to throw guilt trips on everyone if they are not meeting their expectations of social justice or compassion or sympathy for someone else.  They run around in their jets and limos not even seeing their hypocrisy.  They have the belief of entitlement for themselves and their slaves, but forget about those who foot their bills.

We are going to be treated to a Presidential pivot when it comes to the State of Union address.  It is going to be all rhetoric without any substance.  The young man from Hawaii is so engrained in his ideology that it will be painful for him to even talk about adjustments.  It will be another speech about hope and change, but for him to have the hope he believes in we are the ones who he wants to change.

I don’t plan to see a silk purse miraculously come out of the Liberal Progressives ideology of a pig’s ear.  It would be easier to put lipstick on a chicken than to believe this evolution.  No matter how he hard he will try to convince us of this “change” he won’t really believe it and neither should we.  The roots of his ideology is in his DNA, and then reinforced by all his environment growing up, it wasn’t something that just sounded good while in college.  It is in his bones and heart and soul, just watch his pain when he wants us to believe he is compromising it for us, even those policies are drenched with his ideology.


He tells us of his little spending freeze to placate us, while he is planning to redistribute wealth with his new program of savings plan by matching up to $500.00 for those who will save $1,000.00, now that really makes sense, doesn’t it?

Now just listen and watch and see if you can find that silk purse-betcha you won’t.


  1. Of course Obama “feels our pain,” because he is the one inflicting it.

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