Posted by: 12stepgolf | February 20, 2010

What!?!? Another comment about Tiger?!!?!??

I was not going to comment on Tiger, since I had no comment about the original incident.  I have not been one of those fans who thought he was the end all and be all of golf, I didn’t quite get the full insult of his transgressions.  I did not feel betrayed nor did I really care if he stopped golfing or not.

I believed prior to his Thanksgiving accident that Tiger had done more to golf than he had done for golf.  Having lived across from a golf course my whole life I saw the intrusion of the links by people who have had no clue to what golf is or the tradition of the “Old Game”, thanks to Tiger.  These people, who have never picked up a club in their lives, go out to a golf course, without any training in rules nor etiquette and want to golf like Tiger.  His bursting out on to the scene of golf has brought out every moron to the tournaments that they have become nothing more than another “sport” such as football or basketball with all their yelling and screaming by the fans.  These pigs have taken the decorum and respect out of the game.  It is only befitting that their “hero” has proven to be no better than his fans.

This may help clean up golf’s dirty little secrets that not too many fans really know about.  He is not alone in his infidelity.  Dishonor and lack of morality weaves itself through many on the circuit and if you can’t be honest to your vows how can you be loyal to the game?

So what about his mea coupa?  Well, as so many have said, “he doesn’t have to apologize to me, it is a family matter”.  Being in the 12 Step “business” myself I thought it only proper for me to at least say something about his “newress” conference.

It certainly isn’t easy to take the 8th and 9th steps, no matter who you are.  When we make a list to those we have harmed it is done with humility and trepidation.  No one wants to go public with revelations about their shortcomings.  I heard some sincerity in his making direct amends to those he had harmed, yes I did.  The proof will be in the pudding, of course.

If I see Tiger making the late night talk show circuit all bets are off toward true recovery.

I do want everyone to think about the kids, it isn’t about you and me that he needed to apologize to, it was about all those kids who have looked up to him and all those his foundation has tried to help.  Remember we are adults and should be able to make our own conclusions to this manifestation of immorality.  By now we all should have learned to never put anyone on any pedestal, there should be no idol worship in this day and age.

The Tiger Woods Foundation was established in 1996 by Tiger and his father, Earl, to create and support community-based programs that improve the health, education, and welfare of all children in America.

To get our selfishness out-of-the-way and think about those kids who don’t get much of a chance and let them begin to believe in something would be a great first step for these kids and we can begin a dialogue about honor and integrity and dignity.

I do have a problem with calling this issue of immorality as an addiction, it is a serious transgression.  I believe Tiger hit the right marks when he talked about his sense of entitlement and the rules didn’t apply to him.  He was given some very bad advice by some very bad friends who showed him that he didn’t have to follow those rules.

I do believe he wanted to follow in the footsteps of his role models of Michael Jordan and Dr. J and some others that he “hung” around with, according to my sources.  The sex thing is only a portion of his problems, no one has mentioned the gambling problems he was exposed to.

Tiger really is in love with his wife, this is a fact.  He is going to work on that relationship.  He certainly does have relationship issues.  How could he not have issues, the kid was never given a normal childhood.

A few words to Gloria, shut-up and sit down.  There are none of us that need to hear anything from you or your porn star client.  Who hasn’t been conned in a relationship male or female.  You better learn something yourself about relationships and maybe a 12 Step Program is in your future.  You certainly are addicted to your own self.  No one cares about you or your clients story.  She made a mistake, and all is fair in love and war.  You should remember the old saying, “Men use love to get sex and women use sex to get love”. The truth is she is stupid to have fallen for the lines Tiger fed her.

In my counseling with many a woman I have always stressed that, no matter what a married man tells you, you never believe them and don’t do to a sister what you wouldn’t have them do to you.

Now that all have given their commentary on the Tiger apology it is time for everyone to get their own house in order.  It is time for all to let go of their old ideas and set themselves on a road to recovery.  Working the 12 Steps wouldn’t hurt anyone at anytime, anywhere.

Let us all get a grip and take a stance against our own defects of character and begin with the first step to reclaim our souls.  Who among us is perfection?  Who among us can cast the first stone?

It really isn’t important what we think, sorry fans.  It doesn’t really matter is Tiger returns to golf or not.  It isn’t about us and him, it is about him and his family.  Screw the sponsors, too.

Maybe this will get a lot of those who shouldn’t be on a golf course off the golf course and we all can begin to enjoy the old game, again.

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