Posted by: 12stepgolf | March 16, 2010

I get so confused listening to Progressives, re: Socialists

Rights versus privileges, or just a service, mmmmm? What constitutes a right? What separates a privilege as a privilege or a right as a right? Does it make it a right or a privilege for someone to purchase a service or a product that I offer?

I do have the right to speak and think, whether you or anyone else likes it or not. I do have a right to fart or pick my nose in public, whether anyone else likes it or not, I may not have any friends, but I do have the right.

I have a right to seek shelter in one way shape or form. I can work hard and earn enough to buy a home. I can work and earn enough to rent a room or a whole apartment. I can even live in a tent on a campgrounds if that is what I want. I could even live in a cave, if I could find one.

I do have this nasty trait of wanting to eat. I can live off the land by hunting and fishing and growing or gleaning. I can go to work and shop at a grocery store. I can also live of the doling out of government largess.

Do I have a right to an automobile, no I have the right of movement? The mode of transportation is optional.

Do I have a right to employment? Well, I have a right to work or not work. It isn’t any bodies obligation to give me a job, especially if I am unqualified to be hired for a position. I may be to old for certain jobs, or for a company to invest money in training me. I may die before they get their moneys worth. I may be just to stupid to learn. I may smell or have certain attributes that distract the other employees from performing their jobs. They can deny me employment because I smoke, but that is politically correct. If I am disabled and can’t perform a certain activity on the “job”, they have to hire me, the alternative is politically incorrect.

Do I have a right to be healthy? I suppose if I have a right to be healthy I also have a right not to be. Do I have a right to care for my health, yes I do. The avenue chosen to pursue health or lack there of, is my option. Do I have access to health care if I were to get sick, yes? Do have access to somebody else picking up that tab, yes? Do I have an opportunity to purchase a method for catastrophic health insurance coverage, in certain cases I do? Do I have the option of not seeking health care, yes? Can I treat 90% of my illnesses myself, without seeking outside help, yes? Do I have a right to rush to a doctor every time I stub my toe, well if somebody else is paying the tab, I suppose I would think I had a right too?

Do I have a right for anyone else to pay for living my life? Just because I am here doesn’t give me a right to demand anything from anyone. Life is not nor will it every be Utopian where the manna just falls into our hands just because we want and want and want. Governments cannot provide for us what we are not willing to do for ourselves. The old adage, “God helps those who help themselves”, is discretely eliminated from any government programs.

I am sorry to admit that we are not entitled to anything, and I mean anything that we have to have paid for by anyone else.  Sad but true, I don’t like it, but that is the way it is.

I do have a right to life and liberty and to pursue my happiness which should not be contingent on your life, liberty or your pursuit.  How I live and exercise my freedom and what makes me happy is none of your business, unless I infringe on yours rights.  I cannot demand you give me a job.  I cannot demand you shelter and feed me.  I cannot demand that you make me happy.

There is more at stake here than just a simple health care debate, it is about who we are as a nation. Do we really think a government is the best arbitrator of what constitutes a right or a privilege or a service?  I do not believe there is really such a thing as a benevolent government.  They are only looking out for their seats of power and their cronies.  Corral us all in and heard us into the stockyards, keep us shut and pent-up.  The dual class will be born, those who make the rules and are privileged and we who must obey the rules and get what ever it is they chose to hand out to us.

That is just the way it is going to be, sorry!


  1. By this you justify America being the only developed nation that does not, in some fashion or another, provide health-care for all its citizens?

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