Posted by: 12stepgolf | March 21, 2010

How Many Times Have We Heard……………..?

I have heard more than one politician or pundit from the left side use this as a statement that means something…………………….America is the only developed nation that does not, in some fashion or another, provide health-care …

My answer is “Yeah-so what”?

Our grandparents left the “Old Country” to come here to America, and I do not see any of the descendants of those who fled “Old Country”, jumping on any boats or planes to return to Europe.

I personally do not want to be like Europe or any other country. Shame on us for being the only country that takes care of its own differently than all those, so called other, developed countries. It is our foreign aid that has allowed them to supposedly provide for their own. We are the only country that took care of ourselves and the rest of the world.

So now the intelligentsia with their ramblings of the sixties has the opportunity to get their misbegotten plans put into reality. Everything they complained about for the past 40 years proves they have been in a rut in their thinking patterns. They have not evolved from those days when they sat in the pot dens and said, “the USA really sucks and they need to do something………..”. Look were their somethings have brought us, you cannot even distinguish our Constitution from a Communist Manifesto any longer.


They call it health care reform, well our health care didn’t need reform, we had some darn good health care in this country that had not been seen in any other country at any other time.

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