Posted by: 12stepgolf | May 14, 2010

If you read it………..

If anyone were to read the AZ bill on immigration the air would be taken out of the argument against it.  The facts of the bill prohibit any of the anti-bill purveyors from spreading the lies about it, so what do they do?  The continue to deny their reading of it and perpetuate the fallacies about it.

Who is their audience?  Obviously, it must be those who are illiterate who can’t read it, who depend on and trust these idiots to tell them what is in the bill.

Who are truly exploitive of these people, is it those who are trying to stop the illegal trafficking of illegals, those bleeding heart coyotes?  Is it those who want the drug wars going on in the border towns?  Are those who want to protect and preserve the safety of citizens?  Could it be those who want to stop the over burden of health services before they break down totally?  Those who are trying to educate our young without having to have classes taught in 35 different languages?

We hear disparate arguments, but which argument is based on fact and which on fiction?  Read the bill then decide for yourself.  Do not depend on those who have another agenda, which is to undermine the United States of America for their own power grab.

For me when they accuse the bill of promoting profiling (which it doesn’t) I say so what if it does?  Be legal and don’t commit the crime of entering this country illegally.

Simple concept, isn’t it?


  1. The problem is is that they were rather get their information from the government run media.

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