Posted by: 12stepgolf | May 28, 2010

Chariots of the Gods?

Ever since Von Daniken’s book came out in 1968, I have been fascinated with the concept of "ancient aliens".

I have managed to watch almost every episode of the program Ancient Aliens on the History Channel.  My curiosity with the possibilities grows the more I hear these "experts" discuss the theory:




Let us say that who or what we perceive as Gods are actually ancient aliens, as all the pontificators are trying to convince us of in the series.  The fixation of the scientific bewilders me.  The biblical references used in the series all revolve around the physical sciences.  In one episode they try very hard to correlate evolution to their visits.


The Bible tells us in Genesis 1:26 “God said, Let Us make mankind in Our image, after Our likeness, and let them have complete authority over the fish of the sea, the birds of the air, the beasts, and over all of the earth, and over everything that creeps upon the earth. :27 so god created man in His own image,” etc.  Let us presume that God is really an alien and related these stories to Moses when he was on the mountain top with the burning bush.  We homo sapiens are then created in the likeness of that Alien.  We are not that alien but built in it’s Image.  This also makes us superior to the creatures of the earth-the alien told us that is what he wanted for us.  So we are not the off-spring of the Alien, we are created to be like Him, so just what are we made of?  What we call flesh and blood could be oil and grease and cams and cogs to the Alien and we are no more than machines with a circuit board.  We could be the super computers that we are trying to replicate and see in some sci-fi movies-Hal ring a bell?


So this Alien and His friends and cohorts came down and created us, let us go with that thesis.  They gave us the knowledge somehow to create the pyramids in Egypt and India and those built by the Mayans.  Perhaps they didn’t teach us a thing but programmed us with scientific knowledge, it is just that we are a little slow on the uptake and that is why we still haven’t found the cure for cancer-the rust that eats away at our “bodies”.  We do have this longing for perfection, wonder where that comes from.  We also have a longing to know where we came from and what our purpose is.


Somewhere along the line we have short circuited, we only see the science in the Bible and settle on that as being the end all and be all for the ancient alien theory.  We forget that if this Alien visited Moses and gave him the Ten Commandments there was more for us to learn than just the basic science stuff.  What does the Ten Commandments or the birth of Jesus have to do with the ancient aliens?


For those who would like to believe that God was just some ET, why is it so difficult to accept the moral teachings of this Alien?  Did Jesus come to teach us and remind us of who we really are and who our Father (creator) really was?  If it is so easy to believe in the ancient alien theory and in UFOs, why is it so difficult to accept the rest of what the Alien gave us outside of the scientific enlightenment?  Why would it be hard to believe that we who do not turn away from “evil” are doomed to the dump heap after we blow all our circuits?  Those who have heeded the words of the Alien can go to the great home for retired “robots” and be recycled (reincarnated) into some other form that the “creator” Alien sees fit for them.  Believing in the power of the Alien does not preclude us from living a moral and ethical life, if anything it should encompass the teachings of this Alien.  Would one believe that “man” just came to the ideas of morality all on his own, or did there have to be some force bigger than himself to show him the way to a happy and successful journey while here on Earth?


My theory is just as good as anyone else.  I think so therefore I am capable of formulating an opinion.  My theory takes out the religiosity that is so distasteful to so many people.  Is it so easy to believe that aliens gave us the science for the Bagdad battery but not the “thou shall not commit adultery”?  Astronomy is a gift from the Aliens is easier to believe, but not “thou shall not covet” isn’t.


If you do believe in the ancient alien theory, I would like you to expand your thoughts and dig deeper into what the Ancient Alien taught us beyond the marvels of science.  What is the soul that it speaks to us of in the Bible?  Do we really have a spiritual connection with the Alien as we are told we do?  Who is the guardian in “guardian angel”?  Is there truth in the second coming of Jesus to deliver us once again from ourselves and our forgetfulness?  Just who in the heck are we, anyway?

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