Posted by: 12stepgolf | June 15, 2010

Think about it……………..

The Lefties and the Progressives have no trouble believing that Americans should give back the “land” to the Native Americans or the South West back to Mexico-even though the Spaniards took it from the Native Americans.  They cannot bare to see Judea and Israel given back to the Jews………………………go figure.

Hypocrisy rules on the left.  They hate Jews and anything Anglo Saxon and anything that may hint at whiteness-there are also Eastern Europeans that help found this country, so it just isn’t Anglos they dispise.  What about all the Asians that came here to find a better way?  They must also hate Orientals.  They don’t like anybody is what I surmise, they just hate some more than they do others.

Do they even know what their ideology is?  It has been so convoluted they can’t even seperate it out to give a difinitive description.  I think it is just chaos they love and that is their ideology-CHAOS.

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