Posted by: 12stepgolf | September 3, 2010

Are You a Supporter of the New Slave Trade?

Yeap, that is what we are confronted with in 2010.  The illegal importation of slave.  Some of us call this Slave Trade, illegal immigration.

You want to call those who oppose illegal immigration racists.  Who are the real bona fide racists here?  Who is supporting the neo-slave trade and who is not?  Those who are opposed to this neo-slave market are 1)  Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who is now being sued by the “Justice” Department (that is a laugh).  2)  The state of Arizona has been taken to court for trying to enhance our illegal immigration laws.  3)  The Tea Party participants have been accused of anti-Latino and racists.  4)  All Republicans who oppose blanket amnesty, and the list goes on.

Now who is supporting and promoting illegal immigration, the neo Slave Market, Democrats who see a voting block.  Democrats who like to keep these voting blocks enslaved.  Democrats and unions to keep themselves in power support the illegal immigration, keeping the neo slave ignorant and uneducated (remember there is no true purpose to bi-lingual schools other than to keep people out of the main stream).

We have this so called “Justice” Department that is using the Arizona illegal immigration law as an example of “human rights” abuses-I do have to laugh at this farce.  The United Nations has not taken care of human rights abuses in any nation since its inception.  The world laughs at us.  We look pithetic trying to equate such an inconsequential law with true and proven human rights abuses in other lands.

Does the world seem upside down to you?  It certainly has to me for quite some time.  We have turned the world over to the “People of the Lie” (a must read for everyone written by Scott Peck).

So, I ask you do you support the new slave trade-the cheap labor that keeps the cost of our goods low?  These migrant workers who travel from job to job lurking in the shadows-not truly “owned” by one plantation-but owned by a society.

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