Posted by: 12stepgolf | January 9, 2011

Trying to Politicize the Arizona Tragedy seems futile

Anyone and everyone who has been glued to their favorite media outlet has heard or read the rantings of a very disturbed murderer.

Trying to make sense of this man’s ravings is virtually impossible, he is all over the political spectrum.  There is nothing in those writings that can distinguish any political leaning what so ever.  All political references are very thin and meaningless.

Trying to pin this event on one political persuasion will only stupefy the discourse we very saddened Americans are sensing at this time.

Trying to read what the shooter wrote will leave one wanting for a reason to his madness.  He is anit-God, anti-government, anti-illiteracy and I can’t figure out if he was anti or pro terrorism.  From what I read, it looked like he was looking for a cause and swung from left to right, and even he couldn’t make sense of what he truly wanted.

There was a picture of him volunteering at a library book fair-there was a picture of him playing a saxophone-there is a story of his outbursts in poetry class, and how they requested a note professing his sanity to be allowed back in the class.

Was he a frustrated song writer?  Was he a frustrated poet?  Was he wanting to be some form of a rap artist and just posting lyrics?  I don’t find him an actual political animal.

He seems to have been in search of something to blame for his inability to find his way……..and I don’t mean for that phrase to sound so mild.

We have not been given enough of a background to honestly determine where he came from…….

Gabriel Giffords was Republican who turned Democrat…..mmmmmmm…..A Blue Dog Democrat meaning she was more Conservative than Liberal, just the type of Democrat a Tea Partier could go for.  Everything Gabby seemed to support was more Conservative than Liberal.  If this shooter had any political leanings, it doesn’t seem like it was “a right-wing extremist” point of view, and that is why it is futile to put any label on him.

So who is this madman?  Anyone who tries to label this person too early will be wrong.  Please hold off on any accusations that may let you feel good temporarily……..don’t go flying off the handle with rhetoric that will prove wrong in the morning……….don’t be part of the problem.

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