Posted by: 12stepgolf | February 19, 2011

Distortions and Lies from, where else the Left, Again(Can’t Stand the Change you should Believe IN)

I have watched and listening to the whining and and moaning by those who are trying to “defend” the President’s involvement in the state affairs of Wisconsin.  It is always an insult to our intelligence when they sit there with a straight face distorting the truth and twisting words to fit their bullying tactics.

“This is an assault on working men and women of America”, I hear………Oh please, you liars cheats and thieves.  There is an attempt to harness the unbridled “public” unions in Wisconsin.  These “public” employees have also twisted this  try to make people believe that they are like every other employed person in this country.  These people are civil serveants………Yes, CIVIL SERVANTS!!!!!!!

These civil servants forget who their employers really are, it is the tax payers.  Trier employer is not the “state”, it is the people who vote and pay the taxes to keep a state running.  These servants are totally oblivious and are only thinking of themselves and not their neighbors (as the President relates them to us).  Are they so ignorant that they will follow their union bosses and the Progressives over a cliff?  They have been ginned up to believe the lies perpetuated by these “bosses” (gangs of NY or Boss Tweed), and they are teaching our children.  These teachers who will believe such lies and display such thug like behavior should not be in the teaching field.

The obvious is that they choose the field of teaching for the tenure and the benefits and not the true care and education of the children.

There is no limitation for these unions in the bill they are trying to kill, except for the frivalous bargaining for things that are out of the realm of wages.  The most important thing in jeopardy is the bosses of these unions.  They have been living off the rank and file and the tax payers for far too long without contributing one iota to the productivity of this nation.

Who are the true bullies of this argument?  Who are the extortionist in this nation?  Who are the thugs and hired hit men in this nation…….it is the union thugs and all the rank and file who drink their Koolaid.

I have no pity or compassion for these imbeciles.  I can read because I was taught by real teachers, not by unionized selfish self-centered thugs.  I saw the sign being held by one protester telling me that if I could read that sign it was because of a teacher………..well look at our educational system since unions took it over………….not a passing grade…….I give it an E minus……..and all those protesters should be ashamed of themselves………you work for me not the other way around.

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