Posted by: 12stepgolf | February 23, 2011

Sure there isn’t a conspiracy……what you call it is collusion

The Democrats and Unions and Communists and Progressives and all other America haters is certainly not a conspiracy.  Why would anyone call us “conspiracy theorists” when we know the difference between a conspiracy and simple ordinary everyday collusion.

Perhaps those who fear exposure need to be further exposed……labeling anyone as believing in conspiracies turns them into loonytoons (except the ones who believe in the “vast right wing” conspiracy…..they would be catagorized as normal).

The difference between conspiracy and collusion?

According to Black’s Law Dictionary (8th ed.) definitions are as follows:

“conspiracy, n. An agreement by two or more persons to commit an unlawful act, coupled with an intent to achieve the agreement’s objective, and (in most states) action or conduct that furthers the agreement; a combination for an unlawful purpose. 18 USCA § 371. Conspiracy is a separate offense from the crime that is the object of the conspiracy. A conspiracy ends when the unlawful act has been committed or (in some states) when the agreement has been abandoned. A conspiracy does not automatically end if the conspiracy’s object is defeated. See Model Penal Code § 5.03(7), […] Also termed criminal conspiracy. Cf. ATTEMPT (2); SOLICITATION (2). […].

collusion, n. 1. An agreement to defraud another or to do or obtain something forbidden by law. [Cases: Fraud] 2. As a defense to divorce, an agreement between a husband and wife to commit or to appear to commit an act that is grounds for divorce. For example, before the advent of no-fault divorce, a husband and wife might agree to make it appear that one of them had committed adultery. Cf. CONNIVANCE (2); CONDONATION (2); RECRIMINATION (1).

To sum things up, “collusion” might be more specific, a “collusion” is probably a “conspiracy,” however, the same does not necessarily hold true in reverse. Interesting chain of events…”

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