Posted by: 12stepgolf | March 9, 2011

A Right to Choose?

The hypocrisies of the Left never seem to amaze me.  Why does choice only count towards women’s right to choose abortion?  My old philosophy really is that a women has a choice to either get pregnant or not……with all the means for contraception available today (what is God’s name is Planned Parenthood teaching women anyway?) there should not be any unwanted pregnancies.

Abortion really isn’t the topic of this writing.  My confusion is why can’t a worker have a right to choose whether they join a union or not.  I have heard all the old arguments of what unions have done for the average worker and how it wouldn’t be fair they don’t get their fair share of the dues they owed by those who would choose not to join.  The union needs the money to hire the attorneys and fight the battle……that is what I heard for years.

I am curious today is there anything left in the “strike-fund” of any of these unions.  Has all the strike money gone to politicians?  Have any of the workers checked the books?  Perhaps that is why the unions don’t call for strikes anymore…..there isn’t any money left in the fund to pay the strikers.

This is a sore spot with me since 1978.  I was given the opportunity to take a job in quality control of our foundry sand plant.  There had already been a strike and the Teamsters  and management settled within a month.  I am proud of crossing the picket line (I was clerical) even with all the threats that were tossed at me.  Back to my story, our QC employee (a non-union position) quit about six months later.  The opening interested me (another learning experience).

I applied for the opening.  The union had to stick their nose into it and wanted that position to fall under the union.  I protested and threatened to quit and I had to withdraw my application.  I was not going to work under the burden of the following the union’s dictates.

I had thought right from the beginning of my employment with IMC that the union was crooked.  We had a policy of a 90 day probation and if the employee didn’t work out they would be terminated.  That didn’t stop the union from getting their initial fees and union dues from that employee.  The employee had no recourse with the company……..I was in payroll and did the withholding.  The employee had to go to the Teamsters and try to get those dues and fees back……..and as I recall without any success.  I personally thought it very unfair.  Why couldn’t they wait until the employee was hired probation free?  Well they don’t work that way……….they made a lot of money that way.

So the company closed that division within a year and I was transferred to the Detroit office and served for another year union free before I left to take a better position at another company.

I believed then and I believe now that the only person that can represent me is me.  I cannot be lumped into a collective.  I do remember when I was dating Andy, when it came to elections he would tell me the persons the union wanted him to vote for.  I told him he could vote for anyone he wanted to, there wasn’t anyone in the voting booth with him who would know who he voted for.  Andy would follow the dictates of the union blindly.

Where is this freedom of choice for the working public?  It is ok to choose abortion but it isn’t ok to choose against a union?  What have we come too?  Think about how stupid this type of choice sounds to a reasonable sane person.

I notice today’s employees “work for the union”.  They don’t seem to work for the company anymore……..the company that signs their pay checks.  I find this disgusting.  So you sit at the union hall and if you suck up to right people there they will send you over to a company that is hiring, so did the union really give you that job……what about the company that was hiring?

The unions are scared and they are going to any lengths to prove their relevant……..they are dinosaurs……they have out lived their usefulness and are not any better than the big banks and bit global corporations……….they work for themselves and not the rank and file……..they only want the dues and fees from the worker…….that is why they fight so hard against a “right to work” scenario.  Where are the real rights of a worker.  Isn’t it very basic that a worker has a right to join a union or not?

Note:  I just researched for myself for current strike funds…..those used to be for payment to the strikers while they were picketing……so much was allocated to them……to help defer the loss of their pay checks…….SEIU doesn’t do such a thing…..their “strike fund” is used for porta potties, food and beverages while the member are on strike and then they have the audacity to ask “essential workers” who are allowed to cross picket lines to donate their checks to the strike fund……………something is very fishy about these strike funds………………looks like more corruption abounds in the unions than when Jimmy Hoffa ran the teamsters…… least he didn’t screw the rank and file like they do today.

Just what does the $1000.00 dues you pay really buy you?

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