Posted by: 12stepgolf | March 23, 2011

Join One if You Want

Indiana……….the protests again and the Dems leaving for Illinois……..because of the legislators want to make Indiana a right to work state………..mmmmmmmmmmmm.

Who would be stopping all these protestors from joining a union if they wanted to………it isn’t taking the right to join away………it is giving the people the right not to join a union.

Poor union bosses are afraid of not being able to get the wages they depend on for themselves if workers have a right not to join a union.

Do they think we are so stupid we don’t know the difference?  Who needs a union when there are enough laws on the books about the welfare of employees………..OH! Without a union you can’t hold a company hostage and extort them for the lame brain ideas of the union bosses………..stupid is as stupid does.

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