Posted by: 12stepgolf | April 3, 2011

Geraldo, the so called expert……….what a laugh

When Geraldo Rivers wrote his authoritative book “His Panic: Why Americans Fear Hispanics in the U.S.” , I was curious about what he meant by Hispanics.  I always thought Hispanics were from Hispaniola, that island that contain both the Dominican Republic and Haiti.

I know that Geraldo is proud of his Puerto Rican and Jewish heritage, but I wondered why he uses the word Hispanic to describe and lump all Western Hemisphere people who do not speak a Germanic or Anglo language together.  It just seems so ignorant to me.  According to his logic (and unfortunately many intelligentsia of our time) anyone speaking a variant of a the Romance languages whose roots are in Latin will be pejoratively put into a class called Hispanics. 

This designation of the “two Americas”, Anglo America and Latin America, goes back to Napoleon the lll for political purposes.  He wanted to get a stronghold in the Americas  during the French invasion of Mexico, as a way to include France among countries with influence in America and to exclude Anglophone countries, and played a role in his campaign to imply cultural kinship of the region with France, transform France into a cultural and political leader of the area, and install Maximilian of Habsburg (an Austrian) as emperor of the Second Mexican Empire.  This constitutes lumping people together by variants of a language and not ethnicity, hence another popular name is Latino or Latina.

unfortunately, grouping people into a group by “language” isn’t justifiable either.  These diverse people’s languages are miles apart and don’t bare any resemblance to each other.  In Mexico alone there are so many languages some of the residence can’t understand each other……..Cubans don’t understand the Mexicans….Puerto Ricans don’t speak Haitian (French roots)………and Creole is a totally different language.

Mr. Rivera would want us to believe, and identifies himself with the Mexicans, that he has something in common with them……..sorry Jerry.  It would be nice for him to know his own heritage, what is a Puerto Rican and what is a Mexican or Haitian or Dominican or Belize or Trinidadian or Tobagon.

This lumping of all these diverse people in a simple adjective is to confuse and distort for political purposes.  I know my Mexican friends are very proud of their heritage and do not want to be lumped into any group that takes away their ancestry.  The Guatemalans also have a lineage that should not be distorted.  We are talking about Mesoamericans, Mayans, Aztecs, in South America we are talking about Incas and the list of indigenous people that we all are mystified by.  There are more indigenous people in Mexico than the Spanish-Indian Mexicans.  When we call all these people “Hispanic” or “Latino” we are actually talking about Aztecs and Olmecs and Mayans and Incas and Amazons, etc.  In the Caribbean, Geraldo’s genealogy, is totally different from Central and South America.  The Caribbean Island have different Indian cultures and we know that escaped slaves sought refuge on those islands bringing into the mix an African heritage with the Spanish and French.  We must not forget the Dutch West Indies…not much Latin spoken there.

Geraldo’s attempt to refute the need for border security is a lame and distorted attempt to sell books.  His trying to lump everyone into one class is not what we need to have an adult debate.  We need to know the truth from whence we speak………we need the historical background of the Western Hemisphere…….His panic creates everyone’s panic.

Geraldo is a political hack, he is so enamored with himself that he doesn’t nor hasn’t gotten his facts right for many a year.  He talks just hear himself talk, and he writes anything to get himself in print.  Geraldo needs to know if he is more Spanish than TAINO (indians of Puerto Rico) or does he have African in him……….he isn’t a “Latino”, and what doesn’t his Jewishness enter into the equation?  Maybe he is really a Spanish Jew………..that would be a whole different ball game.  Geraldo is a charlatan.

Not to just harp on Geraldo, I would also like to have my Tea Party cohorts to think on these things, although I do believe the majority of Conservatives and Tea Partiers know much of the truth.  We do have a few who do hate and could be construed as racists…..not unlike those on the left…… we must be the adults.  We must be the educated…….we are not motivated by emotion alone. 

I would like us to get out of the politics by the use of “Hispanic” or “Latino/Latina” and know who everyone is that gets lumped into this group that really doesn’t describe anyone at all.  These are political terms used to divide and keep us separated.  If someone is from Brazil there is a Portuguese heritage not a Spanish.  Argentina is Incan and Spanish.  It is exciting to find out what the differences are and know that there are Aztecs and Mayans and Incans around us today, how fascinating is that? 

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