Posted by: 12stepgolf | April 13, 2011

Incompentence Quotient

I have often wondered why anyone would really support a union that protects incompetency.  The recent displays of union personnel supporting “bad” teachers in most of the “tenure” changes in many of the states bills being passed, has amazed me.  Are there really that many incompetents in public (or private) unions begging for no changes to keep them in positions that truly need a high level of competency?

Anyone, who is proud of their abilities and are capable and competent employees, should stay home and not demonstrate so we can “separate the wheat from chaff” so to speak.  Looking at all the brouhaha going on is some of these states it looks the incompetence are in the majority.

I wonder if those protesting and demonstrating are nothing more than “rent a protester” types.

Years ago we had a saying that reflected what the public sector offered, and I believe it is still true today.  When something that we did was mediocre we would laugh and say “good enough for government work”.  Has anyone ever noticed that public employees sitting at those desks in all those public buildings were never working very hard?  The said part is there are plenty of them drawing from the public coffers (making more than their private counterparts) and still we have waste and fraud and abuse………where do we think the wfa comes from?  It comes from the incompetency of the public employees.  Waste and fraud and abuse isn’t tolerated in the private sector…… is criminal and an employer will prosecute those individuals, remember there is a real bottom line they must answer for.

I asked my nephew years ago why he wasn’t upset about his union protecting the incompetent employee.  His answer was that they needed a union………to speak on their behalf because they were to incompetent to do it for themselves…DAH?

Need I say more?

I would like all the capable and competent employees to stand up and make a stand and not put up with the incompetency of their union bosses………or are you all willing to protect the incompetent because they can’t protect themselves?

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