Posted by: 12stepgolf | April 18, 2011

1300 US Federal Agencies….mmmmmmmmmmmmmm?

A simple solution to a man-made complicated problem.

Our tax dollars are hard at work supporting 1300 bureaucracies, so if we just cut each one by 15,000,000,000.  Doing a simple cut in each of them would give us enough to start paying down the debt and we have the deficit eliminated…………brain surgery, not……….rocket science, no.  Even if we go down to 12,000,000,000 we are saving enough. 

Just because one throws money at something doesn’t mean the problems get solved, I think we have proven that over the past 45 years.  During the welfare years the problem of poverty never got solved, we only perpetuated a life style.  More money is being poured into the educational system and nobody is any smarter (more to the contrary that money is the solution), we have dumber teachers and dumber students.

When the Prez said that it is the programs that have made this country great, he is living in a fantasy land.  He comments on “his” America, well I remember a better America than his and there weren’t any of these leftist programs devouring this country, and we were a greater country.

It isn’t about who gets taxed or who doesn’t, foolishness all around.  Taxes are not the issue…… is the hideous size of bureaucracies.  Subsidies that should not be spent.  The most ridiculous part of the budget battles are that the bureaucracies get the bulk of the money while those recipients who are supposed to benefit from these programs get a pittance.

Over the years I have noticed that Democrats really have a problem with people and their money.  Why do they like spending other people money?  I have seen it at the local level with township officials all the way up to the White House.  They always have some new experiment or new theory they are willing to throw our money at to see if it works.  The experiments rarely work and they then forget about it and the program never goes away, they would rather tinker with a new experiment adding more money to a problem of their own making………usually there is not problem at all, but only in their own mind.  If they could just learn to leave us alone for about 10 years, I will betcha we would solve real problems.

A country decays from the inside out, and this is exactly where the problem lies.  We have discarded all ethics and morals to create this so-called “freedom from……….crap” belief of FDR, only to wake up and find we have no freedom at all.


THE MORONS IN DC STILL DON’T GET IT.  They are trying to tell us how little we “really” spend on foreign aid……….well idiots it is where and how it is spent.

Let us confiscate everyone’s money are redistribute it equally……..once we do that it will be last time there will be any redistribution………..let us see who makes it and who doesn’t after a given period of time………….some will again become rich and then there will be those who won’t………I like my experiment better……….the left believes in survival of the fittest…….let us find out who are the fittest and stop supporting those who are not.  I have no idea which category I would fall into, so it is a scary experiment……..but is it worth the try?

We must dismantle the monster we call government agencies……we must…….there is no sensible reason for us to have so much waste and fraud, and the only way to get out of the waste and fraud business is to dismantle the delivery system.

Simple solution from a simple mind.


  1. There is an old saying that people now cringe when they hear it, “I’m from the Government and I’m here to help”. The only thing they are here for is to create more problems. They either screw things up worse or leave the job un-finished.

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