Posted by: 12stepgolf | May 25, 2011

May 25, 2011-Devotional for the Week

“Thou hast made us for Thyself and our hearts are restless until they find repose in Thee.”……….St Augustine

That feeling of separation and alienation is a true and honest expression of the state of our beings and our souls. It is funny that plants and animals never worry about their place or purpose. Buy a new pet and see how they are just grateful to have someone to love and we can truly experience that unconditional love we all seek.

The search for reason and purpose haunts us. We see it play out in societal demands. The must be and must have dictates our actions in every situation we encounter. We want resolution to our being here and we try to achieve the answer in the form of becoming “somebody”. This can take form in anyone’s life regardless of their “station” or “class” in any given culture, there is that pecking order we all have been familiarized with.

Each family is a microcosm of the dysfuntionary world we reside in, and it just progresses upward from there. We seek to be made whole and connected to something, this runs through the veins.

This hole in our hearts is real and everyone tries to fill it with something. This chasm filling takes its form in addiction, from shopping to golf from career to wanting to have perfection in all endeavors. There is none who escape this need for fulfillment. Many live vicariously through others, while many want others to worship at their feet.

We worship the most unusual idols and accept that as normal. These addictions vary from money, fame, intellect, physical prowess. We worship the environment not the Creator of that environment. We seek to be idols to be worshiped. This is not unique to today’s societal issues, this has plagued the human soul since it’s beginnings.

When we read the Genesis story of the Garden of Eden we see an explanation for the feelings of our emotions of separation. It describes why we feel separation. We long to become whole with the Creator.
This is not limited to the Judea-Christian faith, the state of feeling separated pre-dates the Eden story and is found in all past cultures.

Even atheists sense, if not more so, that separation. They will dismiss it and blame religion for the problem and in their elitist fashion seek to have everyone conform to their methods of “fitting in”.

The desire to go “home” to find our “Eden” is the cause of our dissatisfaction. When we discover this truth we can begin to enjoy the things we do as just “things we do”. We spend our time here whether long or short just doing stuff. “These things will all be forgotten and all things will pass away.”



I seek to be made whole and want your love to fill me with the joy and happiness I long for. To know alone I am nothing, I want you to be with me in all my endeavors, knowing you are pleased with me.

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