Posted by: 12stepgolf | June 20, 2011

No Comparison

I, along with millions, watched Rory come through to win the USGA sponsored US Open Golf Championship this week-end. I was forced to watch the NBC coverage of the event. The only commentator I can compliment was Dotty Pepper.

The boys who were doing the “color commentary” were like little boys. If I had heard Tiger’s name one more time, I think my TV would have been thrown out the window. Their obsession with the has been is enough to make anyone ill. The lockerroom mentality and chatter to fill up time is not appreciated by everyone who holds the game of golf in high respect. We certainly have had our colorful players over the years but has anyone disrespected the morality of golf greater than Tiger. You cannot separate moralities.

Golf is a game of life and how we conduct ourselves in life will dictate how we conduct ourselves on the course. “If you want to know who someone really is, play a round of golf with them.” Tiger has proven to be less than a man than these little boys who where covering the outing choose to admit. Golf takes more than physical fortitude or physical ability to be a real winner.

What good does it do for people to win the whole world yet lose their lives? … what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?

The concern for Tiger to surpass Jack’s record is a thought from the past. There are too many of us who couldn’t care less about Tiger or his return to the game. It is a game and to dump into the catagory of sport is where the business of golf has gone wrong. The lack of dignity and integrity of the other sports has crept into the game of golf, and who can we thank for that but Tiger and his “sports” buddies.

When Tiger finally goes away, and we can get back to golf being golf, we will have attained golf being a game of integrity again. Tiger only wants to beat Jack, that is all he has cared about, he has never cared about the spirit of golf, he has never had the heart of a golfer. With his entitlement attitude, fostered by the golf media, he has done more harm to the game than anyone will admit. Whoever that individual is that keeps shouting at all the tournaments “go in the hole”, should be banned. This is the tailgate mentality that has entered into our game.

It will be a pleasure again to watch tournaments without Tiger there. The commentary will have to elimanate the comparisons of Tiger from their dialogue, and allow this new generation of golfers flower without having that ghost held over their heads.

I compliment Dottie for not being sucked into the Tiger comparisons or Tiger discussions. Dottie conducted a true analysis of the game and its competitors on their own merit and abilities. What is it about men and the way they look at things, the giggles and the trash talk do nothing to enhance the game or its coverage. Could we possibly get rid of the sports casters and get some golf commentators in their place. Mr. Costas didn’t seem that good either, he wrote a book about baseball, so now he is an expert on golf (or any other game or sport), don’t think so.

It was pure joy to watch our winner yesterday. He had a three put and laughed at himself. He has brought pleasure to the game. Tiger and Colon with their horrendous attitudes and tempers should not be tolerated by these analysts, they should have been condemned as not adhereing to the etiquitte of golf. High stakes or not there is golf or it is not.

We can hope that the Tiger era is over and a return to the way golf should be has arrived again. I look back at the different eras of golf with the Hagen’s the Snead’s the Jone’s and Hogan’s and Palmer’s and Nicklaus’ and Player’s and then there is Couples and Watson, true lovers of the game not on how much celebrity can I attain to become a big shot. They became great one shot at a time, working and working at thier game and it never happened overnight. The “instant gratification” of Tiger has developed some pretty bad golfers in the USA, and perhaps we can get back to golf when Tiger will not return to the game.

We can have gentlemen golfing again, something that has been missing from many a golf course since Tiger came on the scene. If anyone who golfed pre-Tiger, you will notice how the caliber of genlemenness has wained. We have more “get it in the hole” types, who don’t have a clue about golfs rich history, all they know is the competition of any sport. They are the ones who dress-up and paint-uplike idiots at a football game and think they are cute.

I do hope the commentators will grow up and let golf be golf, let the Rory’s of golf enjoy their times on the course for what it is, and stop bringing Tiger into every one of their strokes or tournaments.

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