Posted by: 12stepgolf | July 18, 2011

There they go again: Taxes are “Income” not “Expense”

Let us play with words again. Nothing new from the Dems, we expect that.
The catch phrase has been “we had two tax cuts that weren’t paid for during the Bush years”. Excuse me tax cuts are not an expense you “pay” for. A reduction in revenue is not an expense. If I go out and buy a car based on a “raise” that I think I will get but don’t, the unrealized raise is not an expense. The car I bought was the expense. Shame on me for spending money I didn’t have.

Let us get our vocabulary in check, word manipulators, you con artists, you scammers.

Taxes are income not expenses. This is exactly why we are in the trouble we are in, Congress can’t tell the difference. They want to keep confiscating money that isn’t theirs to pay for their programs that not everyone wants nor do these programs work. One only needs to look at all the grants being offered by the Federal government for some of the most ridiculous studies (the old shrimp on the tread mill).

The sad thing is that no one challenges them when they say such balderdash. Everyone just lets it slide right by without differentiating the two polar opposites. So, here I am trying to make the point no one else wants to do.

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