Posted by: 12stepgolf | October 3, 2011

Durbin Needs to be Held Accountable

“Sen. Dick Durbin of Illinois, the No. 2 Democrat in the Senate, said Bank of America customers who don’t want to pay a new $5 monthly debit card fee should “vote with their feet” and find a financial institution that won’t charge them for accessing their accounts.

“Get the heck out of that bank,” Durbin said Monday on the Senate floor. “Find yourself a bank or credit union that won’t gouge you for $5 a month. … What Bank of America has done is an outrage.”

What is happening in this country, when a senator can stand on the senate floor, and in his hypocrisy,  impede the fair trade of any business in this country.

There used to be a seperation of business and state in this country, politics was not a part of fair business or bad business.  Bringing politics into business causes markets to fluctuate, and this latest beratement by Durbin has no place in capitalism.

A senator is not supposed to comment on any business in this country.  The recent comments by this Senator Durbin is unethical and unforgivable.  He needs to be sanctioned for the manipulation of a business’ right to exist and conduct it’s business as it sees fit.  Does he think he is Robespierre, trying to get the “peasantry” worked up? It was just this morning Rosanne Barr said they should be beheaded.

What has become of our country when a senator can be so blanant about his being upset with the truth of the reasoning BoA used to justify their fees for debit cards? The Dodd/Frank Bill has caused more problems than it is supposed to solve, only Democrats will take a sledge hammer to kill a fly. The Democrats have been trying for some time to take over business in this country and control their every movement, and this is just one more nail in the coffin of capitalism.

The freedom of speech in this country is for the people to freely speak against the government, it is not for the government to speak against business or it’s own people.

Scum that is what Dick Durbin is, along with all his cohorts in the Senate who have forgotten the role of government.

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