Posted by: 12stepgolf | November 26, 2011

Evolution or Devolution

I recall the Fridays after Thanksgiving as a fun and joyous journey to downtown Detroit to visit Hudson’s. Mom put us in the car to go visit Santa and see all the beautiful decorations adorning every floor of the 15 story department store. The treat came on the 12th floor where Christmas Carol would meet us to escort us to see Santa for a visit. The 12th floor was also the toy department, after the visit it was overwhelming to see all those fabulous toys, I was in awe. Most of the toys where well made and there were few of them. There wasn’t any electronics in those days, we had to use our imaginations to see the wonder of how to play with these toys.
I cannot recall hordes of people trampling over each other for merchandise. I don’t remember Mom ever commenting on anything about something being on sale and having to buy it. Knowing my mom now, she probably already had everything bought well ahead of time.

I have heard the complaints of many a pundit about us conservatives wanting to return to the 1950s, not a bad idea. They though use it as a racial slur to accuse us of wanting to return to pre civil rights days. Oh contrae, it is the civility of the 50s that we long for, we were basically a polite society, yes we did have those who pushed and shoved, but they were few and far between. There were those who were appalled at the lack of civil rights-and most of them were Conservatives (some who beat there chests as the perveyors of civil rights were late commers to the show).

Everyone can blame the merchandisers for this mayhem-they are half the problem the other half is us. What joy do these individuals receive acting as they do? I was appalled to hear of this Black Friday beginning on Thanksgiving night. This is insanity on our society, the proof is in all the videos circulating on the net of what has transpired on the day we were just supposed to go and see Santa and the marvoulous decorations displayed to celebrate the Christmas Season. The more secular we have become the more we are devolving into animals, maybe there is some truth to Darwin’s theory of evolution, but it seems he got the direction wrong.

What do you think?

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