Posted by: 12stepgolf | December 12, 2011

They did not Fall from the Sky

The President keeps lashing out at the Republicans as a do nothing Congress. He speaks as if the Republicans were just plopped into those Washington D. C. seats from some unknown Scotty who beamed in to replace the Democrats.

I don’t know if the President understands that they weren’t put there by some alien force. The majority in the congressional seats were put there through an ELECTION-put there by the citizens voting them into those seats. This is how our government works. People get elected to REPRESENT their constituency-that is why they are called Representatives, Mr. President. We aren’t as stupid as you would think us to be out here in the hinterland.

You can mock the Congress all you want, but when you do you are mocking the very citizens who elected them to represent them.

When either party starts being too partisan and talks about the other party, they are punching the citizens in the face for supporting their party. That is what everyone is sick of.

Perhaps that is why so many citizens are registering as Independents, so when the politicians start degrading them, they will only be talking about the elected ones and not those of us who vote for them.

It would be a great idea for those elected officials to stop putting down the Tea Party Republicans as the block to any progress in Congress. We are the citizens who voted them in and it does you no good to call us idiots, we aren’t. They are doing what it is they were elected to do, as a majority.

The only alternative is that the President is actually talking about the Senate as not doing anything because Mr. Reid certainly is so afraid of things passing that he won’t even bring anything up for a vote-there is a real piece of work-USELESS just totally USELESS.

Michelle Obama thought the electorate pretty smart when her husband was elected, no complaining from her.  Now they think we are dumb for changing the majority in Congress from their party to the other.  You can’t have both ways.

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