Posted by: 12stepgolf | February 11, 2012

Original Problem

The problem facing Obama’s pushing the need to have contraceptives and abortion pills is deeply rooted in the progressive philosophy.

The original problem with this philosophy is the belief that pregnancy and birthing is a disease, a medical problem, instead of a blessing.

It is really that simple.  It seems to get even more convoluted as the Progressives aka Liberals try to explain that it is a right of women, but they give themselves away the more they try to argue in favor of it.

It was stated by a Liberal pundit that birth control for long-lasting protection against ovarian cancer-I have my doubts-seems like more junk science.

I believe a real study should be done on the contributory factor of contraceptive pills to breast cancer-but no one wants to raise this question, do they.  It is better to blame your deodorant for the increase in breast cancers.

Aside for an argument about women’s health and contraceptive delivery services, we do not need the government imposing their moral judgement over the faithful.

Polls cannot dictate the dogma nor the morality of the faithful.  Juan Williams thinks it is ok to mandate it if the polls say it is good….sorry, but 1st Amendment overrides polls.  The polls in the South supported slavery and Jim Crow weren’t right, were they.

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