Posted by: 12stepgolf | March 8, 2012

Gasoline isn’t the Problem with Oil

I have been listening to all the arguments about our dependency on oil and gas.  I am fed up with all the arguments about gasoline being the culprit for high oil prices.  Gasoline is just a by-product of all the other products we extract from a barrel of oil.  We also make ink, crayons, dishwashing liquids, deodorant, eyeglasses, CDs and DVDs, tires,  ammonia and heart valves.  We also produce liquefied refinery gases, still gas, asphalt and road oil, petrochemical feed  supplies, lubricants, kerosene, waxes and other aviation fuel besides kerosene, a type jet fuel, and let us not forget cosmetics.

I believe the biggest culprit for the high cost of crude oil are plastics.  Plastics are the addiction.

We make so many things from a barrel of crude oil and nobody ever talks about those products.  Everyone wants to concentrate gasoline consumption.  Plastic is filling our landfills.  Styrofoam doesn’t even have a half-life it will live forever.  We have been told not to drink hot liquids from styrofoam cups anymore, The chemical component of the material (styrene) has the potential to leach into your food and then into you.  All you hear are reports about global warming and how our use of gasoline is the culprit.

The earth’s atmosphere can and will take care of itself.  We were given x amount of ground and dirt, the earth won’t make much more of it in the next million years, so those landfills are taking our earth away, not so much the drilling for oil.  It seems to be waste over production.

Were we to find a replacement for plastics (heard many years ago potato starches were going to produce plastic-nothing has come of that in 35 years), we would have half our problem solved.  We could even go back to using cellophane, which is 100% biodegradable.  Ever use a paper cup for your coffee, good old Starbuck’s uses paper?

I just want someone to tell the truth about a barrel of crude and quit blaming all those who go to and from work in their automobiles.  STOP BLAMING THE WORKERS IN THIS COUNTRY FOR CONSUMING “OIL”-WITH 8.5% UNEMPLOYMENT WE HAVE FEWER PEOPLE ON THE ROAD………….SO IT ISN’T GASOLINE CONSUMPTION THAT IS THE PROBLEM………….AND THAT IS HOW I SEE IT.

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