Posted by: 12stepgolf | March 15, 2012

Dumb, Dumber and Dumbest

These new regulations being proposed by the Labor Department prohibiting the children of farmers and ranchers from participating with the family business has gotten under my skin.

They want to dictate to the farm families who can work for them or who cannot, guess more illegals will be needed if the kids can’t work. The penalties will be enforced and fines will be issued in either case.  The family farms are under attack.

I suppose the farm subsidies will dictate what they can do or cannot do, get the government foot in the door and next thing they are gluttons sitting at your kitchen table.  Sounds the wolf is at the door……and it will blow your house, home and family down.

Yes, the intrusion of the government in the lives of farmers and ranchers is bad enough.  To make sure that there are no future farmers (best and worse job in the world) they also have to attack the 4-H and FFA.

I am a country girl and I belonged to 4-H and none of the projects I participated in had anything to do with farming.  There were many non-farm participants who could or could not do agricultural projects.  What so many kids I remember doing (other than raising rabbits, calves, sheep, crop projects and horseback riding, etc.) was sewing, cooking, photography and first aid.  Today I am sure they have expanded the 4-H to include all the progress in technology.

The independence of the 4-H must scare the government (along with the Future Farmers of America).  The government wants to control all aspects of our educational system so the 4-H and FFA must be restricted and of course demonized.

This is what over educated (the intelligentsia) do, they have no concept of reality and think through all their models with spurious data they know what is best and good and right for us.  They use erroneous thought processes.  They really aren’t smart……..they only think they are……that is the danger.  They aren’t even bright……they cannot think outside of academia….of course that does dictate their ideology….we know better for the uneducated masses……those poor illiterates.  I hate to break it to them but just because you have a fellowship or were a prof, you aren’t any smarter than the bus driver or the farmer.  They think it doesn’t take any brains to do a laborious job.  That is how they have brain washed so many laborers to bow down to the unions….”believe me, I am the smart one in the room”.

My big dream is to have all the union members revolt against their unions……….those who haven’t drunk the Kool-Aid……….they should organize and become independent from the dictates of the “bosses” and form a true labor union.  A localized group of workers who work with management to formulate better conditions for both the worker and the business.  Big isn’t always better.  Breaking up the unions who have monopolized the workers is in order.

So what does my ranting about unions have to do with the 4-H and FFA, nothing absolutely nothing.  The problem with what has happened it the Unholy Troika I have talked about for years-BIG GOVERNMENT, BIG LABOR AND BIG BUSINESS, that is our problem and until we correct these issues we are not going to be able to be the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave…..The American dream and experiment hasn’t died because of our uniqueness….which can be realized again…………do you really want to be homogenized and become what the UN thinks we should be?

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