Posted by: 12stepgolf | April 13, 2012

Working Mom or Stay at Home Mom…..mmmmmmmmmmmm?

The apology given by Hillary Rosen for her comments about Ann Romney never have worked a day in her life….pathetic.

The question isn’t which job is harder……..the question is which job is more important.

Anyone who really thinks that we women have really contributed anything by working is just mistaken.  I want to use the example of what our society has wrought.  We have no family values and it is a result of the “Woman’s Movement” we have women having to go out and work.

We believed the lefties that it was important for us to find fulfillment through our “jobs” outside of the home.  They were the ones who promoted the devaluation of motherhood.

I heard Jamil Green supposedly reiterating what Gloria the Steinem preached, that every woman was important…….BS…only if you are a liberal women………and in the early days of the movement she never ever thought a woman’s place was raising a family.

The left would rather have the children raised by the “state” to indoctrinate them into their Marxist ideals.

I was a college student during the movement’s beginnings…I never married nor have I had any children.  My choice………..I wanted to do my life my way……..sorta the Katherine Hepburn attitude…….I didn’t want to subject anyone to my quirkiness….husband or child.  Have I been truly fulfilled by my life…….maybe in 20 years when I am 84 I will have an answer…….but for now there is always one more thing I need to discover and learn.

The left has lied to everyone as they have in the past………do not be taken in by their rhetoric……..they have been waging a war on womanhood for a very long time.

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