Posted by: 12stepgolf | April 22, 2012

Wonder why Health Care Costs Go Up?

Here is a new addition to the never-ending people dipping into the health care money to line their own pockets.

Music Therapy Licensure Legislation Signed into Law

History was made this spring as two states successfully enacted music therapy licensure legislation for the first time.  On April 26, 2011, Governor Dalrymple of North Dakota signed into law SB 2271. This legislation creates the first-ever music therapy license in the country through the newly-created Board of Integrative Health. Following close behind in the state recognition process was Nevada.  On Friday, June 3, 2011, Governor Brian Sandoval of Nevada signed into law SB 190. This legislation creates a music therapy license in Nevada through the State Board of Health.

Music therapists from North Dakota and Nevada have been actively involved in the implementation of the AMTA and CBMT State Recognition Operational Plan.  The focus in these states will now move from the legislative process to the creation of regulations.  AMTA Government Relations staff and CBMT Regulatory Affairs staff will continue to provide guidance and assistance as each state implements these new licenses.  Many thanks to the members of the North Dakota Task Force (Andrew Knight, Natasha Thomas, and Emily Wangen), the members of the Nevada Task Force (Judith Pinkerton, Manal Toppozada, and Diane Bell) and to the Government Relations representative for the Western Region of AMTA (Rachel Firchau) for their work, dedication, and advocacy.

The way to curtail such ridiculous expenditures are to record the music you want to hear on your I-Pod put some ear buds into your ears and listen while you have an IV drip of any kind.

My chemo went well while listening to my Tour Tempo CD.

Poor us we can’t get through anything anymore without some sort of somebody getting paid to elevate something we don’t like.

We certainly have become a country of wimps.  I can understand why other countries disrespect us so much. We whine and cry over the slightest inconvenience.  How did we get to this point in our culture?

I am going to break this to everyone……..we all are going to die….some of us early and some will outlive their usefulness………but we all are going to die.  Trying to avoid certain uncomfortableness or playing the martyr roles so many of us love to do, will not make our coming to terms with reality any easier.

Pain avoidance doesn’t advance our species on small iota……as we say in the program “no pain no gain”.  Emotional pain sucks…..but we get through it and are better people for it.  A little Joseph Campbell reading to find the “hero” within should be mandatory.

Greek tragedies were based on life being full of disappointments and sadness and pain.  Human nature is being perverted by all the pain aversion……….we ain’t gonna survive if we think we can get out of this life without pain and sorrow and tragedy.  One doesn’t have to be a drama queen or king……..but there are too many of them martyrs who suffer over nothingness……..for sympathy sake……..we have a nation of “poor mes”.  Where is our strength, the strength that brought everyone to this country to find a better way of life.  Those who risked everything to only become stronger and wiser…..we will never be called the greatest generation……except for our girls and guys in uniform…….God Bless them……..but my generation from the 60’s are a bunch of wimps and we have raised the majority of the wimps who spawned even more wimps.



  1. Music therapy is used with autistic children and it isn’t just “listening to pretty music” — it is a system for attaching certain repetitive activity to tunes, so that children with the disorder can remember how to go about their daily lives without getting overwhelmed with stimuli (as autistics tend to do). It also makes part of the structured environment that allows autistics to function more or less normally. It is very effective in helping children with high-functioning autism live something like a normal life (instead of, you know, just being confined to Bedlam, or something). I am glad you are doing better, and I salute you for handling chemo with nothing more than a CD player, but cancer isn’t the only serious illness in the world — nor does it determine what the proper approach should be for all others.

    Moreover, I am glad that doing music therapy will now require a license and will be subject to regulations. That will help patients distinguish between bona fide therapists and quacks.

  2. I do understand music therapy, it has been around lurking in the background for years. We have had color therapy and drawing therapy and the list goes on. We managed to survive without all the pop psycology for millennium.
    I do understand the hearbreak of autisum, and God Bless those parents…and I do understand that I would probably go to any lengths to find help in what seems to be a hopeless future.
    It just amazes me that the people providing such therapies would make it affordable rather than see an open pot of money sitting there and charging us well too much money for such a “bona fide” treatment. We also had that bona fide treatment with pointing to letters to spell out words by some therapist only to find out it was a fraud. Why can’t anyone sit with someone and listen to music and “make a joyful noise unto the Lord”? Music has always been used to sooth the “savage soul” (well not the so called music of today). Music can do so very much for anyone and everyone……….I just find it difficult to have insurance pay for something that is just a commonality of the human soul. It is like a new discovery…….but it really isn’t anything new. Music’s theraputic nature is just a given…why is anyone making money from use as a therapy?
    All these therapists have so much love and empathy and caring hearts for all these patients…would any of them do it for free? No, “let us get certified so we can even charge more and get it out of the insurances or medicaid or medicare, it is like finding money on the street…….nobody really is getting hurt”. Everyone’s time is worth something, but because insurances are paying for everyone’s psyci issues from sex changes to birth control…….our health care has sky rocketed. What needs to be done is only have catastrophic health care policies and let everyone pay on a service basis……..when the big pot isn’t there the costs will go down.

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