Posted by: 12stepgolf | April 26, 2012

Congressional and Senatorial-the usual-Dereliction of Duty

Once upon a time in a wonderous country called the United States of America, there was this fabulous concept of a representational government.  It was conceived with a sharing of responsibility between 3 branches of equal accountability.

Along the way there was the Executive branch which started to expand the committees it had, called the “Cabinet”, into bureaucratic monstrosities.  These “bureaus” began taking the responsibility for regulations which should have been the responsibility of the Congressional branch of this troika type government.  The only way they could attain this duty would have been through Congressional approval.  “Let somebody else take responsibility for reigning in freedom, we sure don’t want to be held responsible for that”, said the congressmen and senators.  We must be re-elected and if we were to take the freedoms away from others, we would have to explain these things to them.  Since we the elected don’t have a clue, let these bureaucrats do it.

What should have been advisory counsels for the President has turned into a 4th branch of government who have not been elected to impose on the citizenry a confiscation of freedoms.

So what could possibly be the solution for this particular problem.  It is time once again to challenge the constitutionality of the American Bureaucracy.   Having been tried and failed in the past the ever increasing size and scope of these bureaucracies has gon far beyond the Constitutional boundaries of anyone’s comprehension.

We the people governed by laws and not men is on the verge of being extict………it is time to act before it is too late.

Are there any in Congress man or woman enough to take back their responsibilities, I fear not.  We keep electing these wimps and wimpets.  Is is more like “Roller Ball” or “Hunger Games”.  We could even relate these bureaucrats to “The Bully”.

Does it ever feel like you are falling down the rabbit hole with no hope in site?  This government has turned into a ravenous monster whose appetite cannot be sated………if it hasn’t affected you yet………beware you are next.

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