Posted by: 12stepgolf | June 19, 2012

President and Economics and try to Remember

Now as we ponder what the President was talking about in this latest “economic” speech (6/15/12), I am confused more than ever.

Obama’s message is trying to convince us the there was a Bushanomic policy and that we “certainly don’t want to revisit that”.  The problem I have with that principle is that there was not a Bushanomic program.

If everyone could remember back that far, there was something that happened in Bush’s first year of his term.  Does 9/11 ring a bell to anyone.  We were already in a recession (the tech bubble bomb) called the Clinton recession.  Oh, how our memories fail us.

We were devastated, and between the airlines and just plain consumer fear we managed to get through the pending economic free fall……..the dems, later complained about Bush’s job creation, failing to think about 9/11 and the Clinton recession as the cause of all our economic and employment issues.

I do think Bush was fighting 2 wars, economic and terror.  Since Bush wasn’t trying to fundamentally change capitalism, there wasn’t much need to do foolish things to the economy……some tax cuts-some checks in the mail and my-my the unemployment rate of 5%.  So much for bad job creation-and this in the wake of 9/11 and the Clinton recession……..does anyone long for those days yet?


So when this current resident talks about returning to the Bush-era economic policies, I do believe his is talking about returning to Capitalism (which is a dirty word in his circle of advisors).

So this mantra the Obama campaign seems to be trying to infuse into our vernacular is another lie.

Listen closely my fellow Americans, pay attention and know that all this BS is just that………….There is no such thing as Bushanomics…..never was and as much as they try to rewrite the years of Bush………there just wasn’t any trying to change the fundamental structure of our economics.

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