Posted by: 12stepgolf | June 26, 2012

Better Living through Science and them Chemicals

We all were once hunters and gatherers.  We roamed around seeking out food for our survival.  This is well known by all of us.  Our existence was contingent on our ability to hunt and/or fish and find those nuts and berries than wouldn’t poison us.

As civilization began to take hold, we became farmers…producers of own food stocks.  We began to “domesticate” certain livestocks so we could slaughter them at will.

We were still prisoners of the weather and blight and insects, which would render our food supplies inedible or unattainable.

We entered the world of scientific discovery eventually.  The primary usefulness of science was to help us produce foods for our tables which would be consistant which in turn maintains some level of unfluctuations in pricing.

Here in America we have been the beneficiaries of scientific research to produce these consistant food stuffs both in quality and cost.  We have hybridized the flavor right out of every vegatible or fruit (I hate Mendel).  We have livestock that very rarely touches a blade of grass or hay or ear of corn.  We spray with herbicides and pesticides, all in the name of producing enough food to feed the world……sustanance………many a war has been fought for the sake of non-starvation.  There are many who want to believe that organic foods are the answer to our over contamination of our food supply.  It is almost impossible to have any food stuff be trully organic.  That spraying that goes on is in the air and can contamanate any organic farm (garden).  How does an organic farm get their produce pollenated?  Those sweet little insects go from flower to flower not caring if it is in an organic farm or not.

There is this religioon of science being the answer to every problem that has faced mankind.  We want what we want when we want it, but then complain about our food supplies being contamanated with those scientifically discoveries of herbacides and pesticides.

Since I am going to die someday anyway, what I would really like is my food to taste like food.  If it is the herbicides or pesticides that are going to kill me someday or give me cancer could they at least make my food taste good instead of a Delicious apple tasting like crap.  I would like to have a tomatoe that doesn’t have the skin of a rhino protecting it for shipment, and please let it taste like a tomatoe and not some grainy tasteess mealy water bucket.

So all of those people that also wanted their potato chips to be of uniform consistency……..heaven forbid a couple may have been burnt in your bag (they actually taste neat),  I am sorry that your desires have produced all this mass production of food stuffs.  Through this mass production and uniformity we have sacrificed taste.  We have perfect looking fruits and vegatibles, but all are tasteless.

This is our scientific world at it’s best, isn’t it……….we are able to feed the world (don’t know why there is still hunger) but what we have is nothing but hybrids and chemicals entering our bodies, with little or no nurtrition.

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