Posted by: 12stepgolf | July 2, 2012

Don’t call me a Free Rider

Those of us who have made a conscious decision to support a catastrophic insurance policy are not free riders.  I choose a catastrophic policy because that is what insurance is supposed to be, a bet on whether you will have any unforseen contingencies in your health.  Insurance isn’t or wasn’t supposed to be a bells and whistles pay everything type of medical policy.  If coverage is there for every hang nail or sniffle or “gee I think I have a belly ache”, it isn’t insurance any longer.  These policies that have emerged over the years should not be called insurance policies, I have no idea what to call them, but they are not insurance.

I sold insurance and there was a question about what insurance was and nothing about what it was not, I had to pass a state test to be licensed… is to be deemed as a coverage to protect the holder from unforseen contingencies.  How in God’s name have we gotten to this monstrosity called “the affordable healthcare act”?

I am not a free rider, I have carried my policy since 1988.  I have always paid my doctor’s office visits all my tests that were not related to a medical condition that needed hospital treatment (in or out patient).  I have paid for a dermatologist to check for skin cancer.  I have paid for what was necessary throughout the years.

I received a diagnosis of low-grade b cell lymphoma in 2004, and my catastrophic policy kicked in………exactly what I purchased it for.  It covered my treatment………..not the mundane everyday trivial complaints, but he big important catastrophic medical issues.

I think we as a society have gotten dumber and dumber…… wonder why medical treatment has gotten out of hand……..everyone look in the mirror and you will find the answer………if everyone would have been a little more willing to take their medical treatment personally and dip into their own pockets for payment, the doctors would have been unable to charge the exorbitant fees.

What has happened over these years is that the real free riders, those who haven’t paid a dime for an office visit or any of their medical care?  They have made the doctors richer, they are the class of entities that have benefited from having every damn little matter paid for by and insurance company or the government-funded health care system.

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