Posted by: 12stepgolf | July 13, 2012

Another Re-Run-But it is Summer

Mr. President, it isn’t your storyline-we have had enough stories from you.

In an interview with Charlie Rose, OHB said that his biggest mistake over the past 3.5 years was that he didn’t clarify his policies (my paraphrasing).

He has tried this excuse before.  It hasn’t been 2 years since he last tried this one on us.  If 42 speeches during his trying to get the stimulus bill passed and more than 50 over the healthcare bill isn’t enough stories, what is.

He is once again spinning another yarn….his storytelling.  His storytelling (myth making) in Audacity and Dreams are fraught with inaccuracies and down right lies.  We do know he is a storyteller.

How about some honesty and truth?  What a novel idea.  The problem with that is that no one believed him when he has let the truth slip out in the past……guns and bibles……wanna spread the wealth around, etc.

This president even makes up stories about his opponents.

Mr. Blame somebody else, well we all know how he made it through this world and through college……..the dog ate my homework.

He is depending on all of us to be ignorant and stupid.  He is depending on all of us to have the memory span of a mushroom….living in the dark with poop all around.  I happen to have the memory of my mascot the elephant……… can’t put another one over on most of us…………we will repay you in November with our ballots……for all your lies and deception.

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