Posted by: 12stepgolf | July 14, 2012

You want us to Move on………again?

I have been listening to the pundits….again.  They want everyone to believe that “congress” is doing the wrong thing by voting to repeal the bill we call Obamacare.  “We need to focus on the economy, we don’t need to rehash the arguments of the past”, they tell us.

I beg to differ, the problem with the economy is in direct relationship to Obamacare.  It is one of the hand breaks stopping us from moving forward with jobs and the economy.  The bill is holding back job creation and has endangered our economics looking forward with deficit spending and high taxation.

Econ focuses on what we do with money……..what are the economics of your household?  Economics is nothing more than the social science which analyzes the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services.  Those who want us to forget about the healthcare bill look like they do not understand the economics of it.

We all know where move on came from….George Soros and Michael Moore the progressive or liberal public policy advocacy group and political action committee to control any decent from the rest of us, something like Media Matters (very much like-actually one in the same).

When people are trying to control us by telling us to move on from Obamacare issue that we face, please remember that it is really about our economic issues they are trying to move us away from and not face the realities of the situation that has befallen us with Obamanomics.

I do long for the policies of the past presidents…….well most of them that were not failed………it is Obamanomics that is failing us.


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