Posted by: 12stepgolf | July 17, 2012

No Such thing as Exceptionalism-Unless you are Barack Obama

If you all will notice in Barack’s speech in Roanoke about small business owners, he commented on it isn’t because we are smarter or work harder-“there are plenty of smart hard-working people out there”.

Reminds me of the talking points about American exceptionalism, “the Greeks think they are exceptional the Germans think they are exceptional”……..remember that speech?

This man really not only hates America he also hates Americans………all of us………He might want to go back to Indonesia…..maybe those were his happy days.

He really is trying to take down America brick by brick………..dangerous times we are a livin’ in.

Obama-the chosen one to correct the American experiment and create it in his own image………… real sick self-centered psychopath.

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