Posted by: 12stepgolf | July 18, 2012

Hey, Lady! Who are the “we”?

It really looks like Elizabeth Warren is having a nervous breakdown.

I had the privilege of watching her put down the business owners of this country.  She had the audacity to tell us we were just a bunch of moochers, taking advantage of all the infrastructure everyone else built and all teachers they paid for.

Business owners are tax payers too……who is the “we” she is talking about? Business owners paid taxes that went to the university that paid her wages………..who are the “we” that doesn’t include the business owner? Who hired the individuals and paid them wages so they could be productive stake owners who pay taxes? Who are the “we”?

If she were a aware of the history of this country prior to the 13th Amendment of 1913, she would have known that it was the businesses of this country that paid the taxes.  It wasn’t very often that the individuals were levied any taxes, well there were those for the Civil War and some off and on over those years, but they all got sunsetted when the objectives were reached-they didn’t collect more than they said they needed.

This country did well without a forced income tax, it was because Washington D.C. wasn’t the center of the universe.  There wasn’t the “power”  of a centralized government.  Washington always knows how to screw things up when they think they can control so many people spread out over this vast land.

Socialism can’t work in a country the size of ours….it just can’t.  Universal health care can work in some countries where you have only 8 to 20 million people, concentrated in a small country.  These countries do not have states who are self-governed, they have principalities, but all government is centralized, there are no locals that have their own constitution as our individual states operate under.

We have a 10th amendment that designates these divisions, these individual States give power to counties and counties give power to townships or parishes or precincts-they are all called something different depending on the state we live in.

Anyway Ms. Warren, you do have some issues that are really causing you harm.  I guess I expect too much from somebody that really doesn’t know her own history, how could she know American history.

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