Posted by: 12stepgolf | July 25, 2012

If You Take the Credit……..You Gotta do What?

In the controversy surrounding the Presidents admission that “we didn’t build it”, he is trying to assign success to everyone but the small business owner themselves.  Ergo, if the success isn’t their own, then their failure would fall on those who he is trying to give credit to.

You cannot have it both ways Mr. President……..if one is true in your own mind then the opposite would have to also be true.  Are you prepared to subsidize all small businesses that are on the brink of failure?

You rhetoric on Governor Romney not understanding how business or economics work in this country are laughable…….you actually think you do.  Mr. President you do not have a clue of the American economy nor American pursuit of happiness.  You may have a clue in your puny little mind of the Socialist dream factory………..but you have angst and distaste for American individualism.

Yes we are all in this together, but it is as individuals we come together.  We don’t come as tribes or one town against another.  We are competitive but not the way you seem to believe…………….you keep shrinking the pie so we are at war with each other…………Envy is one of the seven deadly sins and you just keep promoting error.

You scoff at the individual abilities that create success……… the only smart people are those who have a Harvard or university degree?  We poor slobs trying to create a successful small business are just a bunch of free loaders and moochers accepting handouts.

Mr. President please start from scratch………..go out there with all your wonderful smarts and try to start some kind of business, without all your connections………….find out what it is like to actually be a contributor to the economy and to society…………and I don’t mean some sorta “community non-profit” organizing entity………try opening a laundry or a service station or a book store or a party store, how about a green business.

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