Posted by: 12stepgolf | August 10, 2012

Intellectual Giants?

It isn’t the man that is the man of the house any longer now it is The Man (government) that is the man of the house.  How have my fellow women stooped and surrendered so easily?

I have tried to find a delicate way of how to call my fellow women ignorant.  From the recent polls showing that Obama leads among women, I have no other belief than that of my fellow women are intellectual midgets.

Talk about denial and co-dependence, my God can they get their minds out of the puniness of their reasoning?

We are going to set women back to pre-fifties (and I mean 1750s) if they don’t get their brains out of their underwear.

Do they really believe that a woman’s rights are based on whether the government (or insurance company) is mandated to pay for their contraception or abortion?  These same women don’t understand the correlation between having every little thing paid for by somebody else and the rise in health care costs.  As long as I think somebody else is paying for my dinner why wouldn’t I order the most expensive thing on the menu-there really isn’t such a thing as a free lunch-I probably will pay by never having that other ask me out for dinner again.  One way or another it is going to cost me something.

My gender seems to think no further than their selfish immediate wants.  Not so much their needs, rather their wants.  By the way, pregnancy is not a disease.

While some of my fellow women are thinking about the future of a nation, there are those who would settle for the destruction of USA just so they can get freebies.

These intellectual giants who believe they are such free thinkers, have actually drunk the Kool-Aid.  They have been unable to think for themselves and take their cues from some moronic cultists.  These women almost make me embarrassed to be a woman.

They actually believe that if Obama isn’t elected there will never be access to contraception again-everything will be taken off the shelves and that we Republicans want them to be barefoot and pregnant.  There are a multitude of women who happen to be Republicans and don’t believe in the barefoot pregnant philosophy.  Most of us think bigger than their reproductively.

Women always have had control of their reproductivity if they were willing to exercise that right.  We have always ruled the world, who always got to sleep on the couch, it wasnt’ us.

I don’t understand what is wrong with a little morality in the world.  We have no ethics in areas that thrive because of ethics (try banking).  We have no morality where it is needed (try sexting).  Where have all these honorable forms of self-governing gone?  I wish I knew.

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