Posted by: 12stepgolf | August 14, 2012

Strange Oddity

Hearing the news about the death of Nelly Gray today, I thought how odd that 2 polar opposites passed away within two days.

Helen Gurley Brown the pro sexual activist of the 60s and 70s passed away yesterday.  Her mark on us old Cosmo readers lead to the “free love” of that era………….unconsequential sex……….casual sex took the foot hold in our society, as long as you could abort that unwanted pregnancy, you could do anything you wanted to do.

I really don’t believe my reading “Sex and the Single Girl” ever did help me……… has been many, many years since it was on my book shelf.

Today the founder of the “March for Life”, the pro-life activist Nelly Gray passes away.

I just find it very strange that these two influential women at polar opposite of women’s sexuality would die within 24 hours of each other.


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