Posted by: 12stepgolf | August 23, 2012

…………..and You would want which Super Power?

The President never ceases to amaze me with his selfishness and petty thinking.

Given the opportunity to give a profound and empathetic answer to a question posed to him by a local radio station last week, on which super power you would want if you could have on.  The president only thought about himself and wanted to speak different languages.  That isn’t even a super power, we have many human beings who are multilingual.  What a petty little answer.

What is the super power I would like to have?  Well let me see……….there is always the old reliable one of having World peace…..the ability to bring that about sure gets one out of oneself.  There is the ability for economic stability World wide.  There is that nasty thing about venture capitalism that could create full employment………ability to succeed at every business I touched……mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

The puniness of the President’s inability to think outside of his selfish inwardness well, let’s be honest and say that he is not Super Hero material.

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