Posted by: 12stepgolf | August 25, 2012

He really does pay more taxes than you-OBAMA CAN’T MULTIPLY


No deductions 14% of 120,000,000=16,800,000

18% of 75,000=13,500

Let us see…….it will take someone 1244 years to pay what Romney would pay in one year if neither took any deductions.  We all take deductions, it may take a little longer to match Romney’s taxes and charitable contributions to this nation.  10% tithing would add another 12,000,000 total tax and tithing $28,800,000.  Yeah, there is a lot of money in his family………and you add the 14 and the 10 it comes out to a total closer to 24 percent.

I wonder what the Hollywood celebs tax returns would reveal……….and who cares anyway it isn’t my money.  I will even make the concession that they earned what they have.

What is wrong with someone making money if they wear a white-collar?  Nobody complains about the play actors or the sports figures taking your money from you at the box office………..doesn’t taking out your kids to a baseball game that ends up costing you 100 buck each seem more of a rip off than going into Staples and buying paper clips for a few bucks?   Think about it.

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