Posted by: 12stepgolf | September 21, 2012

How the argument falls apart

The current administration voices the call that Islam is a peaceful religion. They must not believe it for the panic they are showing over the current assaults on USA embassies and the call for death to America.

Most Muslims being peaceful and not participating in these current uprisings should not promote the actions of Obama and Hillary.

Are they afraid of the total Islamic world population of 1.6 billion? I believe they are being dictate to by the small minority of that population who are the extremists….the Islamic supremasists…..who are not unlike the idiots in our white supremacy minority or the fools in the neo nazis.

If the majority of Muslims are moderate and peaceful there is no need to panic over the small population who are not. Are 1.6 billion really going to be our enemy or are we looking at the 1.6 or 4.0 million who will never be our friends… matter what……hate is hate… is a mental disorder when used by all supremacy movements whether Muslim or white or neo nazis…….it is like a each every possible serial killer meets to do the dasdardly murder and distruction. They all belong to mentally deseased club, just called different names.

So if Obama and Hillary do believe in Islams peacefulness, they have nothing to be afraid of…….get a grip.

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