Posted by: 12stepgolf | September 25, 2012

Why I like Mitt and not Barry

I don’t understand how so many Americans are again mezmerized by the guy in the White House. This guy has not my best interest at his heart and has nothing in common with the “middle class”.

My Parents weren’t psuedo intellectuals as were Barry’s mother and father (step-fathers).

My parents weren’t off galavanting around the world leaving me to be raised by my grandparents, my mother didn’t get a job from Timothy Geitner’s father with the UN so she could go galavanting around the world. My grandparents didn’t have communist friends trying to diswade our love for this country by putting hateful thoughts of this country into our heads. My grandparents and my parents didn’t have a bone to pick with America.

I was raised with good old fashioned Mid-Western “middle class” values. My parents taught that no matter what, I could be or do whatever I wanted to do or be.

Mitt was reaised with Mid-Western ideals. His roots were middle class. Mitt’s dad-George, didn’t become rich through priveledge. George worked hard to become the Cheif Executive of American Motors (he wasn’t a bootlegger like a Kennedy). George wasn’t born a politician he grew into that, also.

Mitt, like his father, isn’t a slick campaigner. George and Mitt were administrators, those people who work well and get the jobs done. Effective doers are better than slick liers.

Everyone needs to read George Romeny’s biography to understand Mitt.

The dreams from Mitt’s father are diametrically opposed to the dreams from Barry’s father and mentors.

Do we want an America we all recognize or are your dreams of an America that looks like a decolonized Kenya? Do you want the image of an America taught to young Barry by the likes of Marsall Davis or the Mid-Western ideals of the hard working middle class family who moved up the ladder of success-the Romenys?

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