Posted by: 12stepgolf | November 5, 2012

Who had it Worse?

I am so sick and tired of the Obama lackies trying to spin his inheretance of the Bush years as being worse than Reagan’s inheretance from Carter.
Those of us who lived through the 70s and 80s remember how horrible the Carter years were.
Oil embargos causing gas prices to escalate-real bad foreign policies-a cold war-run away inflation-sky rocketing interest rates-unemployment 8% and rising….the eventual crisis in the savings and loan companies….sorta like the banks failing not so long ago……those were the Carter years. We cannot forget the depression from Watergate-causing the almost total distruction of all confidence in the institutions of government…the VietNam War…… much anger and hate of our military…..the increase in counter culture wars.
We, as a whole, in 1979 were on the verge of total distruction of from cultural to economic and were facing the eventual threat of nuclear war, not to mention the rise of Islamists.
Somehow Reagan put us into the largest expansion economically for the next 27 years….even Clinton benefited from Reaganomics…for certain there were no real Clintonomics to brag about *Republican congress made his term successful.
The one month of job loss of 700,000+ is what they try to say they stopped…..everyone who was going to be laid off had been laid off… is like hitting a bottom……there just wasn’t anybody else to lay off……..all those financials that went bust constituted the bulk of unemployment during 07 and 08.
What did Obama do……..he turned a simple turn around into a mess…….he couldn’t do things the right way he had to do things his way and all those intelligencia he put in as czars and cabinet posts. The man made it so much worse than it has needed to be………Reaganomics worked in a most distressing period in American history……..Obama’s experiments have not worked and have made things worse……the man doesn’t have a clue and he can’t seem to learn a damn thing…he is unteachable.

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