Posted by: 12stepgolf | November 30, 2012

Enabling a Country of Dysfunction

We are now approaching dysfunction on steroids in these United States. The only explaination of this horrific era is that we have been governed by dysfunctional politicians who were dysfuntional in the 60s (drugged up and sexed up and rocked up).
These dysfunctionaries base their reasoning and logic on Socialistic and Communistic belief systems. These misguided idiots would rather enable bad behavior than have individuals reach their full potential. Oh, they talk a good game-leveling the playing field or fair share etc., but their whole belief system is based in jealousy and envy. Somebody has to pay for their unhappiness. They are only happy when their targets suffer, how sad.
Their hatred for any Conservative is shown in their totaly intolerance to accept the fact that their addiction to this hatred and ideology needs to be discussed. They don’t want to hear any truth. They are like little girls putting their hands over their ears and singing “I don’t hear you, I don’t hear you”.
I beleive in “tough love”: is an expression used when someone treats another person sternly intending to help them in the long run. This method has been labeled sexist and racist by those who do not want work hard to become better persons. I equate it to an agape form of love. It is totall selfless, since you know you are going to alienate someone and not have them give you the “love and liking” back…it is sacrifing “cool” to really help another.
Being a member of the sober community for 30 years, I have encounter some real hard cases. I never thought that coddling an addict was of much help. Coddling leads to enabling and you can’t sober up by being rescued everytime.

“Enabling is a term used in 12 step recovery to describe the behavior of family members, or other loved ones, who rescue an alcoholic or drug addict from the consequences of their own self destructive behavior. It also relates to rescuing anyone who is caught up in any of the compulsive and/or addictive self destructive behaviors that are symptoms of codependency: gambling; spending; eating disorders; sexual or relationship addictions; inability to hold a job; etc.”
“A person who is acting out self destructively has no reason to change if they do not ever suffer major consequences for their behavior. If they are rescued from consequences, they are enabled to continue practicing their addiction.

We seem to have become a nation addicted to “non-responsibility”.

“Rescuing someone who is actively practicing addiction of some kind, is enabling. It is dysfunctional because it supports the person in continuing to practice their addiction. A person in recovery working on getting healthier may need some help from time to time – and that is great, that is being supportive in a positive manner. Helping someone to continue to self destruct is not support, it is codependency – it is also not Loving.”

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