Posted by: 12stepgolf | January 5, 2013

Pot vr Alcohol

The comparison for legalizing pot to alcohol is very odd. Everytime you get these pro pot people to explain their reasoning for the public to accept pot usage, they bring up alcohol being legal and try to put it in the same catagory as drugs.

I am a recovering alchoholic and have some experience in challeging this argument. I think I know a little about this substance. I want to share my observations and show the difference between alcohol and drugs.

A person who wants to have a drink wants just that, a drink. The purpose of that drink is not to get “high”. There is no intent of getting wasted. An individual will have a glass of wine with a meal, it helps clean the palette and enhances the flavor of foods. There are a multitude of alcoholic beverages for different palettes, some like whiskey others want a scotch. Certain individuals will take a white wine over a red. Today they even have flavored martinis which I find not to be martinis at all, I guess I am a purist. To me a martini is gin or vodka with an amount of vermouth, plain and simple..none of these appletinis or chocolate martinis…call them something else.
I have seen people nurse a drink all night without even getting the slightest bit high.
Not everyone who drinks will suffer any consequences of that drink. I on the other hand gave up the right to have an after dinner B&B years ago. I can’t go to a wine tasting function because I surrendered that right to taste wine.
Do I still recall the aroma and taste of a good scotch, you betcha. Do I wish I could have a pizza and beer, yes I do. I can have a non-alcohol beer to enjoy that taste of the two together without the effects of the beer. Sure there is a slight difference in flavor but it is close enough. I can drink non-alcohol wines with a meal and be very happy to enjoy the flavor with that meal. I have not found a substitue for the scotch I used to like to drink socially, but I have my Fresca and diet Coke, and that will have to surfice.

I have had my experience with pot also. The only purpose of smoking a joint was to get high. I can remember there was nothing else other than getting for all my friends who toked a joint. There isn’t having a nice joint with a meal that truly helps or enhances said meal. I do not concider the munches as enjoying a meal. Tolerence levels are changed quicker with indulgence in smoking pot. The sitting down and lighting up results in one joint getting you higher faster after prolonged use. So you may use a bong or a pipe or maybe you like the shot-gun method…to dress up your intake…the sole purpose of any of these methods it to get higher faster. You do not have to be an addict to want to get higher faster, you just have to be a user. One cannot carry on a conversation with anyone who has smoked a joint, without thinking everything is funny…I can still talk to my drinking friends who have had 2 drinks, and they really do make sense.

If I were a recovering marijuana user would I be longing for that wonerful taste, no the high is what would be missed.

I prefered my alcohol, it was predictable. I didn’t get paranoid and have a strange high. I liked my booze, until it became a problem. I don’t think I am burned out today. I have been sober for 30 years. Alcohol does dumb the brain but it doesn’t kill brain cells. Long-term marijuana use may actually shrink certain parts of the brain and have lasting effects on mental health.

Is there really casual and social use of marijuana? I find it hard to believe there is. The sole purpose of illegal use of drugs, even scripted drugs, is to get high and not deal with reality.

I do not want anyone to compare alcohol use to drug use. There is no comparison. They are universes apart. Alcohol has the potential to get somebody drunk, potenital being the operative word. Marijuana in and of itself is used to get high and that is its only purpose.

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