Posted by: 12stepgolf | January 10, 2013

Were the Founding Fathers Naive?

I hear the Left saying that the Founding Fathers didn’t anticipate what weaponry has come to in the 21st century. I beg to differ with that assessment.

The Founding Fathers were learned men, they did not live in caves and act out of emotions. Emotions are what lead the Lefts decissions without thinking too much of the unintended consquencies. Our Founding Fathers were aware of the evolution of fire arms and how wars were waged. They did not live in a vaccum that was fixated on one moment in time.

To think that the Founding Faters of the USA Constitution were unaware of advancements in arms would be naive. I think they knew that we had come a long way from a sling shot to a musket.

The Left is again trying to disparage the Constitution and claim it is out dated and out moded. They don’t like the document that protects us from an all encompassing government. It is bad enough how they use the commerce clause to modify us and curtail our freedoms along with the EPA dictating with regulations on private property rights, now they want to shred the whole Constitution amendment by amendment.

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