Posted by: 12stepgolf | May 11, 2013

The Neo-Dummkopfs

I don’t know who these Neo-Nazis think they are but they sure are pretty stupid. The preach this white race supremacy when they couldn’t be supreme with all their ignorance and piggery.

Have any of them ever looked at a real German that Hitler believed to be a true and real descendant of the Germanic peoples? None of these pigs would have ever been accepted.

Aryan wasn’t about the White Race, it was about the Germanic descendants of the Norse. Hitler even got that wrong, Charles Morris coined the Aryan as being a Nordic Race. Prior to his 1888 book “The Ayran Race” the true definition is: “Aryan” /ˈɛərɪən/ is an English language loanword derived from the Sanskrit ārya (‘noble’).[1][2][3]

In present-day academia, the terms “Indo-Iranian” and “Indo-European” have, according to many, made most uses of the term ‘Aryan’ minimal, and ‘Aryan’ is now mostly limited to its appearance in the term “Indo-Aryan” for Indic languages and their speakers.[2]

Western notions of an “Aryan race” rose to prominence in late-19th and early-20th century racialist thought, an idea most notably embraced by Nazi ideology (see master race). The Nazis believed that the “Nordic peoples” (who were also referred to as the “Germanic peoples”) represent an ideal and “pure race” that was the purest representation of the original racial stock of those who were then called the Proto-Aryans.[4] The Nazis declared that the Nordics were the true Aryans because they claimed that they were more “pure” (less racially mixed with non-native Indo-European peoples) than other people of what were then called the Aryan people (now generally called the Indo-European people).(Wikipedia)

Unless these dummkopfs can meet these standards of a “master race” they are like children playing cops and robbers. These pigs prance around like they are really something. They embarrass themselves because they are nothing more than charlatans, wannabes. I have not seen one strong blue eyed blond-none of them look Nordic nor of any pure lineage from the Germanic peoples.

They don’t understand that Hitler would have gone after them as a blemish on the face of the earth. Yeap, Hitler would have sent these pigs to the gas chamber because he didn’t like animals or savages….they can put all the tats they want on their miserable bodies but that doesn’t make them from the “superior race”.

If any of them can read I do hope they discover from this post that they better hang up their swastikas and skulls. They need to stop wanting to be what they will never be-a pure Norse or Germanic. Hitler wouldn’t consider any Irish or Scots or Russians or Itanlians or Spaniards or Brits white enough to be considered an Ayran…so the pigs of the Neo-Nazis who think Hitler their idol better wake up and get a real life.

I am of German descent and resent the pigs of the Neo-Nazis trying to catagorize themselves into a breed they do not belong. Now just because I am German that doesn’t make me a Nazi-never was and never will be a racist pig or think I am superior-except to the pigs who think they are. Even if I were a bigot, life is too damn short to not co-exist. When we are all dead and gone who is going to give a big fat rats behind anyway?

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