Posted by: 12stepgolf | May 21, 2013

We have become a Banana Republic

Hello Everyone,
We learn today that James Rosen of Fox News Network was targeted by the DOJ for criminal activity. My goodness acting like a real reporter is now considered criminal.

Anyone who is familiar with the old fashioned way Bamana Republics have destroyed the press in the past should be horrified by these current events. In the old days they used to just come into the press rooms and violently destroy the physical existence of the machinery used to produce the newspapers. Today they now try to destroy the reporters themselves.

Our First Amendments doesn’t stand for “artistic expression”, no it is for the unfettered access to print by reporters the actions of a government.

No don’t cry for us Eva and Juan Peron, we are catching up to the actions of Banana Republic Dictators.

Yours Truly,

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