Posted by: 12stepgolf | June 7, 2013

Obama gets away with torture

We are letting Obama get away with torture because it is flying under the radar of our illustrious media. When will the media have specials run about the torture of “force feeding” the prisoners at Guantanamo as they did about “water boarding”.
Where are the Huffington Post, ABC, CBS, NBC or PBS. The Washington Post is silent as is the NYT.
You may not think of this as torture but that isn’t how the act is seen around the world. Just because it isn’t used to garner information doesn’t make it any less torturess.
I was looking for the history of “hunger strikes” to see if Ghandi had been force fed, well to my surprise I ran across this interesting article posted:
The paragraph that caught me after hearing a brief blurb on FNC.

“There are currently at least one hundred hunger strikes currently protesting their imprisonment at Guantanamo. Eighty-six inmates have been cleared for release. The dilemma the hunger strikes present to the government is remarkably similar to those faced by the House of Commons in the beginning of the 20th century Force-feeding is practiced in Guantanamo, despite the fact that the World Medical association prohibits it as an act of torture. Indeed, Jeremy A. Lazarus, President of the AMA, wrote to the secretary of state protesting the force-feeding. President Obama has defended force feeding, saying “I don’t want these individuals to die.” However, Obama may also fear the public backlash should an inmate to die on hunger strike.

So for those of you who hated GWB for the preceived torture of water boarding I would like you to think about why GWB should be aquitted of such slander. GWB was trying to protect this country, he wasn’t concerned about his own personal political reputation as is the current occupant of the WH.

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